My Old Addiction

Patty Duke

Born:  December 14, 1946, Queens, New York.


1958:  Country Music Holiday, The Goddess

1959:  4D Man, Happy Anniversary

1962:  The Miracle Worker (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress)

1965:  Billie

1966:  The Daydreamer

1967:  Valley of The Dolls

1969:  Me Natalie

1972:  You’ll Like My Mother

1978:  The Swarm

1981:  By Design

1986:  Willy/Milly

1989:  The Hitch-Hikers

1992:  Prelude To A Kiss

1999:  Kimberly

2005:  Bigger Than The Sky

2008:  The Four Children of Tander Welch

2012:  Amazing Love


Died:  March 29, 2016, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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