My Old Addiction

Patricia Arquette

Born:  April 8, 1968, Chicago, Illinois.


1987:  A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Pretty Smart

1988:  Time Out, Far North

1989:  Uncle Buck

1990:  Prayer of the Rollerboys

1991:  The Indian Runner

1992:  Inside Monkey Zetterland

1993:  Trouble Bound, Ethan Frome, True Romance

1994:  Holy Matrimony, Ed Wood

1995:  Beyond Rangoon

1996:  Flirting With Disaster, The Secret Agent, Infinity

1997:  Lost Highway, Nightwatch

1998:  Goodbye Lover, The Hi-Lo Country

1999:  Stigmata, Bringing Out The Dead

2000:  Little Nicky

2001:  Human Nature

2002:  The Badge

2003:  Holes, Tiptoes

2006:  Fast Food Nation

2008:  A Single Woman

2012:  Girl In Progress, A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III

2013:  The Wait, Vijay and I

2014:  Boyhood (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress), Electric Slide

2015:  The Wannabe

2017:  Permanent

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