Oscar Homolka

Born:  August 12, 1898, Vienna, Austria-Hungary


1926:   Adventures of a Ten Mark Note

1927:  Aftermath, Dirnentragodie, Das Madchen Ohne Heimat, Regina Die Tragodie Einer Frau, Die Heilige Luge, Der Kampf des Donald Westhof, Petronella Das Geheimnis Der Berge

1928:  Prince or Clown, Die Leibeigenen, The Prince of Rogues, Die Rothausgasse

1930:  Revolte im Erziehungshaus, Masken, Hocuspocus, The Dreyfus Case

1931:  Der Weg Nach Rio, 1914 die Letzten Tage vor dem Weltbrand, Between Night and Dawn, In The Employ of the Secret Service

1932:  Nachtkolonne, Les Nuits de Port Said

1933:  Moral und Liebe, Spies At Work, Unsichtbare Gegner

1936:  Everything Is Thunder, Sabotage

1937:  Ebb Tide

1940:  Seven Sinners, Comrade X, The Invisible Woman

1941:  Rage In Heaven, Ball Of Fire

1943:  Mission To Moscow, Hostages

1947:  Code of Scotland Yard

1948:  I Remember Mama  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1949:  Anna Lucasta

1950:  The White Tower

1951:  Der Schweigende Mund

1952:  Mr. Potts Goes To Moscow

1953:  The House of the Arrow

1954:  Prisoner of War

1955:  The Seven Year Itch

1956:  War and Peace

1957:  A Farewell To Arms

1958:  The Key, Tempest

1961:  Mr. Sardonicus

1962:  Boys Night Out, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

1964:  The Long Ships

1965:  Joy In The Morning

1966:  Funeral In Berlin

1967:  The Happening, Billion Dollar Brain

1968:  Assignment To Kill

1969:  The Madwoman of Chaillot

1970:  The Executioner, Song of Norway

1974:  The Tamarind Seed


Died:  January 28, 1978, Tunbridge Wells, England.