Omar Sharif

Born:  April 10, 1932, Alexandria, Egypt.


1954:  Struggle In The Valley, Devil of the Sahara

1955:  Our Best Days

1956:  The Lebanese Mission, Dark Waters

1957:  Sleepless, Land of Peace

1958:  Goha, The Fault of My Love, Hidden Shore

1959:  Struggle on the Nile, Scandal In Zamalek, Rendezvous With A Stranger, Lady of the Castle, For The Sake of a Woman

1960:  We The Students, The Beginning and the End, Agony of Love

1961:  I Love My Master, The River of Love, There Is A Man In Our House, The Agony of Love, My Only Love

1962:  Lawrence of Arabia  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1964:  The Fall of the Roman Empire, Behold A Pale Horse, The Yellow Rolls Royce

1965:  Genghis Khan, Marco The Magnificent, Doctor Zhivago, The Mamelukes

1966:  The Poppy Is Also A Flower

1967:  The Night of the Generals, More Than A Miracle

1968:  Funny Girl, Mayerling

1969:  Mackenna’s Gold, The Appointment, Che!, Three Men On A Horse

1971:  The Last Valley, The Horseman, The Burglars

1972:  Le Droit d’Aimer

1973:  The Mysterious Island

1974:  The Tamarind Seed, Juggernaut

1975:  Funny Lady

1976:  Crime and Passion, The Pink Panther Strikes Again

1979:  Ashanti, Bloodline

1980:  S.H.E. Security Hazards Expert, The Baltimore Bullet, Oh Heavenly Dog

1981:  Green Ice, Inchon

1983:  Ayoub

1984:  Top Secret!

1988:  Les Possedes, Les Pyramides Bleues, Keys To Freedom

1989:  The Puppeteer

1990:  Mountains of the Moon, Viaggio D’Amore, The Rainbow Thief

1991:  War In The Land of Egypt, Mother

1992:  Mother, Beyond Justice, Tengoku No Taizai

1993:  Laughter Games Seriousness and Love

1997:  Heaven Before I Die

1998:  Mysteries of Egypt

1999:  The 13th Warrior

2001:  Censor, The Parole Officer

2003:  Monsieur Ibrahim

2004:  Hidalgo

2006:  Fire At My Heart, One Night With the King

2008:  Hassan Wa Morcus, 10 000 BC

2009:  The Traveller, I Forgot To Tell You

2013:  A Castle In Italy, Rock The Casbah


Died:  July 10, 2015, Cairo, Egypt.