Nina Foch

Born:  April 20, 1924, Leiden, Netherlands.


1943:  The Return of the Vampire

1944:  Nine Girls, She’s A Soldier Too, Shadows In The Night, Cry Of the Werewolf, Strange Affair, She’s A Sweetheart

1945:  A Song To Remember, I Love A Mystery, Escape In The Fog, Boston Blackie’s Rendezvous, A Thousand And One Nights, My Name Is Julia Ross, Prison Ship

1947:  Johnny O’Clock, The Guilt of Janet Ames

1948:  The Dark Past

1949:  The Undercover Man, Johnny Allegro

1951:  St. Benny The Dip, An American In Paris

1952:  Young Man With Ideas, Scaramouche

1953:  Sombrero, Fast Company

1954:  Executive Suite  (Oscar Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress), Four Guns To The Border

1955:  You’re Never Too Young, Illegal

1956:  The Ten Commandments, Three Brave Men

1960:  Cash McCall, Spartacus

1971:  Such Good Friends

1973:  Salty

1975:  Mahogany

1978:  Jennifer

1981:  Rich and Famous

1986:  Nomads

1988:  Dixie Lanes

1989:  Skin Deep

1993:  Sliver, Morning Glory

1996:  It’s My Party

1997:  ‘Til There Was You

1998:  Hush, Shadow of Doubt

2002:  Pumpkin

2003:  How To Deal


Died:  December 5, 2008, Los Angeles, California.