Nick Adams

Born:  July 10, 1931, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.


1952:  Somebody Loves Me

1955:  Strange Lady In Town, Mister Roberts, Rebel Without a Cause, Picnic, I Died A Thousand Times

1956:  Our Miss Brooks, A Strange Adventure, The Last Wagon, Giant

1957:  Fury At Showdown

1958:  Sing Boy Sing, Teacher’s Pet, No Time For Sergeants

1959:  The FBI Story, Pillow Talk

1962:  Hell Is For Heroes, The interns

1963:  The Hook, Twilight of Honour  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1964:  The Young Lovers

1965:  Young Dillinger, Frankenstein Conquers the World, Monster of Terror, Invasion of Astro-Monster

1966:  Don’t Worry We’ll Think Of A Title

1967:  The Killing Bottle, Mosby’s Marauders

1968:  Fever Heat, Mission Mars, Los Asesinos


Died:  February 7, 1968, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.