Nancy Kelly

Born:  March 25, 1921, Lowell, Massachusetts.


1926:  The Untamed Lady, Mismates, The Great Gatsby

1929:  The Girl on The Barge, Glorifying The American Girl

1938:  Submarine Patrol

1939:  Jesse James, Tail Spin, Frontier Marshal, Stanley and Livingstone

1940:  He Married His Wife, Sailor’s Lady, Private Affairs, One Night In The Tropics

1941:  Scotland Yard, A Very Young Lady, Parachute Battalion

1942:  Fly-By-Night, To The Shores of Tripoli, Friendly Enemies

1943:  Tornado, Women in Bondage, Tarzan’s Desert Mystery

1944:  Gambler’s Choice, Show Business, Double Exposure

1945:  Betrayal From The East, Song of the Sarong, Woman Who Came Back, Follow That Woman

1946:  Murder In The Music Hall

1956:  Crowded Paradise, The Bad Seed  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)


Died:  January 2, 1995, Bel Air, California.