Mischa Auer

Born: November 17, 1905, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire.


1928:  Something Always Happens

1929:  Marquis Preferred, Why Be Good, The Studio Murder Mystery, The MIghty

1930:  Guilty, The Benson Murder Case, Paramount on Parade, Inside The Lines, Shooting Straight, Just Imagine

1931:  The Royal Bed, No Limit, Command Performance, It Pays To Advertise, King of the Wild, The Drums of Jeopardy, The Spy, Always Goodbye, Women of All Nations, Women Love Once, The Lady From Nowhere, The Unholy Garden, The Yellow Ticket, Working Girls, Mata Hari, Delicious

1932:  The Monster Walks, Murder At Dawn, Sinister Hands, Arsense Lupin, The Midnight Patrol, The Last of the Mohicans, No Greater Love, Beauty Parlor, Almost Married, Drifting Souls, The Western Code, Scarlet Dawn, Call Her Savage, The Unwritten Law, The Sign of the Cross, Raputin and the Empress

1933:  Dangerously Yours, Clear All Wires, Sucker Money, The Intruder, Gabriel Over The White House, Infernal Machine, The Flaming Signal, I Loved You Wednesday, Corruption, Storm At Daybreak, Tarzan the Fearless, The Way To Love, After Tonight, Cradle Song, Girl Without A Room

1934:  Moulin Rouge, The Crosby Case, Wharf Angel, The Woman Condemned, Viva Villa, The Trumpet Blows, Change of Heart, Stamboul Quest, Beyond The Law, Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back, Student Tour

1935:  Biography of a Bachelor Girl, Mystery Woman, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Clive of India, Murder In The Fleet, The Adventures of Rex and Rinty, The Crusades, Anna Karenina, Condemned To Live, I Dream Too Much, We’re Only Human

1936:  Tough Guy, Here Comes Trouble, The House of a Thousand Candles, Sons o’Guns, One Rainy Afternoon, The Princess Comes Across, My Man Godfrey  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), The Gay Desperado, Winterset, College Holiday, Three Smart Girls, That Girl From Paris

1937:  Top of the Town, We Have Our Moments, Pick A Star, Marry The Girl, It’s All Yours, Vogues of 1938, One Hundred Men and a Girl, Merry-Go-Round Of 1938, Prescription For Romance

1938:  The Rage of Paris, You Can’t Take It With You, Service de Luxe, Little Tough Guys In Society, Sweethearts

1939:  East Side of Heaven, Unexpected Father, Destry Rides Again

1940:  Alias The Deacon, Sandy Is A Lady, Public Deb No. 1, Spring Parade, Margie, Seven Sinners, Trail of the Vigilantes

1941:  The Flame of New Orleans, Cracked Nuts, Hold That Ghost, Sing Another Chorus, Moonlight In Hawaii, Hellzapoppin’

1942:  Don’t Get Personal, Twin Beds

1943:  Around The World

1944:  Lady In The Dark, Up In Mabel’s Room

1945:  A Royal Scandal, Brewster’s Millions, And Then There Were None

1946:  Sentimental Journey, She Wrote The Book

1947:  For You I Die

1948:  Sofia

1949:  Fame and the Devil, Vivere A Sbafo, Snow White and the Seven Thieves

1952:  Bachelor In Paris

1954:  Service Entrance

1955:  School for Love, Frou-Frou, The Impossible Mr. Piglet, Confidential Report, La Picara Molinera, Thirteen At the Table

1956:  Naughty Girl, Trois de la Canebiere, Mannequins of Paris, Plucking The Daisy, The Montecarlo Story

1957:  La Polka des Menottes, The Foxiest Girl In Paris

1958:  Tabarin, Le Tombeur, Sacree Jeunesee, Sputnik

1962:  We Joined The Navy

1963:  Les Femmes d’Abord

1964:  Cleopazza, Queste Pazze Pazze Donne, Clementine Cherie, What Ever Happened To Baby Toto, I Due Mafiosi

1966:  The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t, Arrivederci Baby

1967:  Per Amore Per Magia


Died:  March 5, 1967, Rome, Italy.