Michael V. Gazzo

Born:  April 5, 1923, Hillside, New Jersey.


1954:  On the Waterfront

1966:  A Man Called Adam

1969:  Out of It

1971:  The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

1974:  Crazy Joe, The Godfather Part II (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1977:  Black Sunday

1978:  Fingers, King of the Gypsies

1979:  Love and Bullets, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

1980:  Cuba Crossing, Alligator, The Border, Hoodlums

1981:  Back Roads, Body and Soul

1983:  Sudden Impact

1984:  Cannonball Run II, Fear City

1989:  Cookie

1993:  Last Action Hero

1994:  Nothing To Lose


Died:  February 14, 1995, Los Angeles, California.