Michael Redgrave

Born:  March 20, 1908, Bristol, England.


1938:  The Lady Vanishes, Climbing High

1939:  Stolen Life

1940:  The Stars Look Down, Lady In Distress

1941:  The Remarkable Mr. Kipps, Jeannie, Atlantic Ferry

1942:  The Big Blockade, Thunder Rock

1945:  Johnny In The Clouds, Dead of Night

1946:  The Captive Heart, The Years Between

1947:  The Smugglers, Fame Is The Spur, Mourning Becomes Electra  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Secret Beyond the Door

1951:  The Browning Version, The Magic Box

1952:  The Importance of Being Earnest

1954:  The Green Scarf, The Sea Shall Not Have Them

1955:  The Night My Number Came Up, The Dam Busters, Confidential Report, Oh Rosalinda

1956:  1984

1957:  The Happy Road, Time Without Pity

1958:  The Quiet American, Law and Disorder, Behind the Mask

1959:  Shake Hands With The Devil, The Wreck of the Mary Deare

1961:  No My Darling Daughter, The Innocents

1962:  The Loneliness Of the Long Distance Runner

1963:  Uncle Vanya

1965:  Young Cassidy, The Hill, The Heroes of Telemark

1967:  The 25th Hour

1968:  Assignment K

1969:  Oh! What a Lovely War, Battle of Britain, Goodbye Mr. Chips

1970:  Connecting Rooms, Goodbye Gemini

1971:  The Go-Between, Nicholas and Alexandra

1972:  The Last Target

1975:  Rime of the Ancient Mariner


Died:  March 21, 1985, Denham, England.