My Old Addiction

Michael Lerner

Born:  June 22, 1941, Brooklyn, New York.


1970:  Alex In Wonderland

1971:  The Ski Bum

1972:  The Candidate

1974:  Busting, Newman’s Law, Hangup

1976:  St. Ives

1977:  The Other Side of Midnight, Outlaw Blues

1979:  Goldengirl

1980:  The Baltimore Bullet, Coast To Coast, Borderline

1981:  The Postman Always Rings Twice, Threshold

1982:  Class Reunion

1983:  Strange Invaders

1985:  Movers & Shakers

1987:  Anguish

1988:  Vibes, Eight Men Out

1989:  Harlem Nights

1990:  Any Man’s Death, Maniac Cop 2, The Closer

1991:  Barton Fink  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1992:  The News Boys

1993:  Amos & Andrew

1994:  Blank Cheque, No Escape, Radioland Murders, The Road To Wellville

1995:  A Pyromaniac’s Love Story, No Way Back, Girl In The Cadillace

1997:  The Beautician and The Beast, For Richer Or Poorer

1998:  Tale of the Mummy, Godzilla, Safe Men, Celebrity, Desperation Boulevard

1999:  My Favourite Martian, The Mod Squad

2000:  Attention Shoppers

2001:  Mockingbird Don’t Sing

2002:  29 Palms

2003:  Nobody Knows Anything!, Elf

2004:  Larceny, The Calcium Kid, Poster Boy

2005:  When Do We Eat?

2006:  Art School Confidential, Love And Other Disasters, The Last Time

2007:  Slipstream

2008:  Yonkers Joe

2009:  Life During Wartime, A Serious Man

2010:  The Bannen Way, Pete Smalls Is Dead

2011:  Atlas Shrugged: Part I

2012:  Mirror Mirror

2013:  Somebody Marry Me, Brahmin Bulls, Immigrant, 2 Dead 2 Kill

2014:  X-Men: Days of Future Past

2015:  Ashby

2016:  The Shickles, Internet Famous

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