Melvyn Douglas

Born:  April 5, 1901, Macon, Georgia.


1931:  Tonight Or Never

1932:  Prestige, The Wiser Sex, The Broken Wing, As You Desire Me, The Old Dark House

1933:  The Vampire Bat, Nagana, Counsellor-At-Law

1934:  Dangerous Corner, Woman in the Dark

1935:  The People’s Enemy, She Married Her Boss, Mary Burns Fugitive, Annie Oakley, The Lone Wolf Returns

1936:  And So They Were Married, The Gorgeous Hussy, Theodora Goes Wild

1937:  Women of Glamour, Captains Courageous, I Met Him In Paris, Angel, I’ll Take Romance

1938:  Arsene Lupin Returns, There’s Always A Woman, The Toy Wife, Fast Company, That Certain Age, The Shining Hour, There’s That Woman Again

1939:  Tell No Tales, Good Girls Go To Paris, Ninotchka, The Amazing Mr. Williams

1940:  Too Many Husbands, He Stayed For Breakfast, Third Finger Left Hand, This Thing Called Love

1941:  That Uncertain Feeling, A Woman’s Face, Our Wife, Two-Faced Woman

1943:  We Were Dancing, They All Kissed The Bride, Three Hearts For Julia

1947:  The Sea of Grass, The Guilt of Janet Ames

1948:  Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, My Own True Love

1949:  A Woman’s Secret, The Great Sinner

1951:  My Forbidden Past, On The Loose

1962:  Billy Budd

1963:  Hud  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1964:  Advance to The Rear, The Americanization of Emily

1965:  Rapture

1967:  Hotel

1970:  I Never Sang For My Father  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1972:  Two Is A Happy Number, The Candidate

1976:  The Tenant

1977:  Twilight’s Last Gleaming

1979:  The Seduction of Joe Tynan, Being There  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1980:  The Changeling, Tell Me A Riddle

1981:  The Hot Touch, Ghost Story


Died:  August 4, 1981, New York City, New York.