May Robson

Born:  April 19, 1858, Moama, Australia.


1916:  A Night Out

1920:  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1926:  Pals In Paradise

1927:  Rubber Tires, The King of Kings, The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, The Angel of Broadway, A Harp In Hock, Turkish Delight, Chicago

1928:  The Blue Danube

1931:  Mother’s Millions

1932:  Letty Lynton, Red-Headed Woman, Strange Interlude, Little Orphan Annie, If I Had A Million

1933:  Men Must Fight, The White Sister, Reunion In Vienna, Dinner At Eight, One Man’s Journey, Broadway to Hollywood, Beauty For Sale, Lady For A Day (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), The Solitaire Man, Dancing Lady, Alice In Wonderland

1934:  You Can’t Buy Everything, Straight Is The Way, Lady By Choice, Mills of the Gods

1935:  Grand Old Girl, Vanessa Her Love Story, Reckless, Strangers all, Age of Indiscretion, Anna Karenina, Three Kids and a Queen

1936:  Wife vs. Secretary, The Captain’s Kid, Rainbow on the River

1937:  Woman In Distress, A Star Is Born, The Perfect Specimen

1938:  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Bringing Up Baby, The Texans, Four Daughters

1939:  They Made Me A Criminal, Yes My Darling Daughter, The Kid From Kokomo, Daughters Courageous, Nurse Edith Cavell, That’s Right You’re Wrong, Four Wives

1940:  Granny Get Your Gun, Irene, Texas Rangers Ride Again

1941:  Four Mothers, Million Dollar Baby, Playmates

1942:  Joan of Paris


Died:  October 20, 1942, Beverly Hills, California.