Maximilian Schell

Born:  December 8, 1930, Vienna, Austria.


1955:  Sons Mothers and a General, The Plot To Assassinate Hitler, Ripening Youth

1956:  The Girl From Flanders, Marriage of Dr. Danwitz, Ein Herz Kehrt Heim

1957:  Taxi Driver Baenz, The Last Ones Shall Be First

1958:  The Young Lions, Kinder Der Berge

1961:  Judgment At Nuremberg  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor)

1962:  Five Finger Exercise, The Condemned of Altona, Joseph Desa

1964:  Topkapi

1965:  Return From The Ashes, The Doctor and The Devil

1966:  The Deadly Affair

1967:  The Desperate Ones

1968:  Counterpoint, The Castle, Krakatoa: East of Java

1969:  Simon Bolivar

1970:  First Love

1972:  Paulina 1880, Pope Joan

1973:  The Pedestrian

1974:  The Odessa File, The Rehearsal

1975:  The Man In The Glass Booth  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), End of the Game, The Day That Shook The World

1976:  St. Ives

1977:  Cross of Iron, A Bridge Too Far, Julia  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1979:  Players, Tales From the Vienna Woods, Avalanche Express, Together?, The Black Hole

1980:  Arch of Triumph

1981:  The Chosen

1983:  The Islands

1984:  Morgen In Alabama

1985:  The Assisi Underground

1986:  Laughter In The Dark

1988:  An American Place

1989:  The Rose Garden

1990:  The Freshman

1993:  A Far Off Place, Justiz

1994:  Little Odessa

1996:  The Vampyre Wars

1997:  Through Roses, Telling Lies In America, The Eighteenth Angel

1998:  Left Luggage, Vampires, Deep Impact

1999:  On The Wings of Love

2000:  I Love You Baby, Just Messing About

2001:  Festival In Cannes

2006:  House of the Sleeping Beauties

2008:   The Brothers Bloom

2009:  Floras Negras, Darkness

2015:  Les Brigands


Died:  February 1, 2014, Innsbruck, Austria.