Maurice Chevalier

Born:  September 12, 1888, Paris, France.


1911:  Par Habitude

1923:  Gonzague, Bad Boy, Jim Bougne Boxeur, L’Affaire de La Rue de Lourcine

1929:  Innocents of Paris, The Love Parade (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1930:  Paramount On Parade, The Big Pond (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), La Grande Mare, Playboy of Paris, Paramount en Parade

1931:  Le Petit Cafe, The Smiling Lieutenant, Monkey Business

1932:  One Hour With You, Make A Star, Love Me Tonight

1933:  A Bedtime Story, The way To Love, L’Amour Guide

1934:  The Merry Widow

1935:  Folies Bergere de Paris, L’Homme des Folies Bergere

1936:  Le Vagabond Bien-Aime, The Beloved Vagabond, With A Smile

1937:  The Man of the Hour

1938:  Break The News

1939:  Personal Column

1947:  Man About Town

1949:  A Royal Affair

1950:  Just Me

1954:  100 Years Of Love, My Seven Little Sins

1957:  Love In The Afternoon

1958:  Gigi

1959:  Count Your Blessings

1960:  Can-Can, A Breath of Scandal, Pepe

1961:  Fanny

1962:  Jessica, In Search of the Castaways

1963:  A New Kind of Love

1964:  Panic Button, I’d Rather Be Rich

1967:  Monkeys Go Home


Died:  January 1, 1972, Paris, France.