Mary Astor

Born:  May 3, 1906, Quincy, Illinois.


1921:  Sentimental Tommy, Bullets of Ballots

1922:  John Smith, The Man Who Played God, The Rapids, The Angelus

1923:  Second Fiddle, Success, The Bright Shawl, Puritan Passions, The Marriage Maker, Woman-Proof, To The Ladies

1924:  The Fighting Coward, Beau Brummel, The Fighting Adventurer, Unguarded Women, The Price of a Party, Inez From Hollywood

1925:  Oh Doctor, Enticement, Playing With Souls, Don Q Son of Zorro, The Pace That Thrills, Scarlet Saint

1926:  High Steppers, The Wise Guy, Don Juan, Forever After

1927:  The Sea Tiger, The Sunset Derby, Two Arabian Knights, Rose of the Golden West, The Rough Riders, No Place To Go

1928:  Sailors’ Wives, Dressed To Kill, 3-Ring Marriage, Heart to Heart, Dry Martini, Romance of the Underworld

1929:  New Year’s Eve, The Woman From Hell, The Show of Shows

1930:  Runaway Bride, Ladies Love Brutes, Holiday, The Lash

1931:  The Royal Bed, Other Men’s Women, Behind Office Doors, The Sin Ship, White Shoulders, Smart Women, Men of Chance

1932:  The Lost Squadron, Those We Love, A Successful Calamity, Red Dust

1933:  The Little Giant, Jennie Gerhardt, The Kennel Murder Case, The World Changes, Convention City

1934:  Easy To Love, Upper World, Return of the Terror, The Man With Two Faces, The Case of the Howling Dog, I Am A Thief

1935:  Red Hot Tires, Straight From The Heart, Dinky, Page Miss Glory, Man of Iron

1936:  The Murder of Dr. Harrigan, And So They Were Married, Trapped By Television, Dodsworth, Lady From Nowhere

1937:  The Prisoner of Zenda, The Hurricane

1938:  No Time To Marry, Paradise For Three, There’s Always A Woman, Woman Against Woman, Listen Darling

1939:  Midnight

1940:  Turnabout, Brigham Young

1941:  The Great Lie  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress), The Maltese Falcon

1942:  The Palm Beach Story, Across The Pacific

1943:  Young Ideas, Thousands Cheer

1944:  Meet Me In St. Louis, Blonde Fever

1946:  Claudia and David

1947:  Fiesta, Desert Fury, Cynthia, Cass Timberlane

1949:  Act of Violence, Little Women, Any Number Can Play

1953:  Yesterday and Today

1956:  A Kiss Before Dying, The Power and the Prize

1957:  The Devil’s Hairpin

1958:  This Happy Feeling

1959:  A Stranger In My Arms

1961:  Return to Peyton Place

1964:  Youngblood Hawke, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte


Died:  September 25, 1987, Woodland Hills, California.