Martha Hyer

Born:  August 10, 1924, Fort Worth, Texas.


1946:  The Locket

1947:  Born To Kill, Thunder Mountain, The Woman on the Beach

1948:  The Judge Steps Out, The Velvet Touch, Gun Smugglers

1949:  The Clay Pigeon, Rustlers, Roughshod

1950:  Outcasts Of Black Mesa, Salt Lake Raiders, The Lawless, Frisco Tornado, The Kangaroo Kid

1951:  Oriental Evil

1952:  Wild Stallion, Geisha Girl, Yukon Gold

1953:  Abbott and Costello Go To Mars, So Big

1954:  Riders to The Stars, The Scarlet Spear, Battle of Rogue River, Lucky Me, Down Three Dark Streets, Sabrina, Cry Vengeance

1955:  Wyoming Renegades, Francis In The Navy, Kiss of Fire, Paris Follies of 1956

1956:  Red Sundown, Showdown At Abilene

1957:  Battle Hymn, Mister Cory, Kelly and Me, The Delicate Delinquent, My Man Godfrey

1958:  Paris Holiday, Once Upon A Horse, Houseboat, Some Came Running (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1959:  The Big Fisherman, The Best Of Everything

1960:  Ice Palace, Mistress of the World, Desire In The Dust

1961:  The Right Approach, The Last Time I Saw Archie

1962:  A Girl Named Tamiko

1963:  The Man From The Diners’ Club, Wives and Lovers

1964:  Pyro The Thing Without A Face, The Carpetbaggers, First Men In The Moon, Bikini Beach, Blood On The Arrow

1965:  The Sons of Katie Elder, Due Marines E Un Generale

1966:  The Case, The Night of the Grizzly, Cuernavaca en Primavera, Picture Mommy Dead

1967:  The Happening, Some May LIve, House of 1000 Dolls, La Mujer de Otro

1968:  Catch As Catch Can

1969:  Once You Kiss A Stranger, Crossplot

1971:  The Day of the Wolves


Died:  May 31, 2014, Santa Fe, New Mexico.