Marjorie Rambeau

Born:  July 15, 1889, San Francisco, California.


1917:  The Greater Woman, Motherhood, The Debt, The Mirror, The Dazzling Miss Davison, Mary Moreland, National Red Cross Pageant

1919:  The Common Cause

1920:  The Fortune Teller

1926:  Syncopating Sue

1930:  Great Day, Her Man, Min and Bill

1931:  Inspiration, Trader Horn, The Easiest Way, A Tailor Made Man, Strangers May Kiss, The Secret 6, Laughing Sinners, Son of India, This Modern Age, Silence, Left Over Ladies, Hell Divers

1933:  Strictly Personal, The Warrior’s Husband, Man’s Castle

1934:  Palooka, A Modern Hero, Grand Canary, Ready For Love

1935:  Under Pressure, Dizzy Dames

1937:  First Lady

1938:  Merrily We Live, Woman Against Woman

1939:  Sudden Money, The Rains Came, Heaven With A Barbed Wire Fence, Laugh It Off

1940:  Santa Fe Marshal, Primrose Path  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), 20 Mule Team, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, East of the River

1941:  Tobacco Road, Three Sons O’Guns

1942:  Broadway

1943:  In Old Oklahoma

1944:  Oh What A Night, Army Wives

1945:  Salome Where She Danced

1948:  The Walls of Jericho

1949:  The Lucky Stiff, Any Number Can Play

1953:  Torch Song  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), Forever Female, Bad For Each Other

1955:  The View From Pompey’s Head

1957:  Slander, Man of a Thousand Faces


Died:  July 6, 1970, Palm Springs, California.