Marjorie Main

Born:  February 24, 1890, Acton, Indiana.


1931:  A House Divided

1932:  Broken Lullaby, Hot Saturday

1934:  Crime Without Passion, Music In The Air

1937:  Love In A Bungalow, Stella Dallas, Dead End, The Man Who Cried Wolf, The Wrong Road, Boy of the Streets, The Shadow

1938:  City Girl, Penitentiary, King of the Newsboys, Test Pilot, Three Comrades, Romance of the Limberlost, Prison Farm, Little Tough Guy, Under The Big Top, Too Hot To Handle, Girls’ School, There Goes My Heart

1939:  Lucky Night, They Shall Have Music, Angels Wash Their Faces, The Women, Another Thin Man, Two Thoroughbreds

1940:  I Take This Woman, Women Without Names, Dark Command, Turnabout, Susan and God, The Captain Is A Lady, Wyoming

1941:  The Wild Man of Borneo, The Trial of Mary Dugan, Barnacle Bill, A Woman’s Face, The Shepherd of the Hills, Honky Tonk

1942:  The Bugle Sounds, We Were Dancing, The Affairs of Martha, Jackass Mail, Tish, Tennessee Johnson

1943:  Heaven Can Wait, Johnny Come Lately

1944:  Rationing, Meet Me In St. Louis, Gentle Annie

1945:  Murder He Says

1946:  The Harvey Girls, Bad Bascomb, Undercurrent, The Show-Off

1947:  The Egg and I  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap

1948:  Feudin’ Fussin’ and A-Fightin’

1949:  Ma and Pa Kettle, Big Jack

1950:  Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town, Summer Stock, Mrs. O’Malley and Mr. Malone

1951:  Mr. Imperium, Ma and Pa Kettle Back On The Farm, The Law and the Lady, It’s A Big Country: An American Anthology

1952:  The Belle of New York, Ma and Pa Kettle at The Fair

1953:  Ma and Pa Kettle On Vacation, Fast Company

1954:  The Long Long Trailer, Rose Marie, Ma and Pa Kettle At Home, Ricochet Romance

1955:  Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki

1956:  The Kettles In The Ozarks, Friendly Persuasion

1957:  The Kettles on Old MacDonald’s Farm


Died:  April 10, 1975, Los Angeles, California.