Margaret Avery

Born:  January 20, 1944, Mangum, Oklahoma.


1972:  Cool Breeze, Terror at Red Wolf Inn

1973:  An Eye For An Eye, Magnum Force, Hell Up In Harlem

1977:  Which way Is Up?

1979:  The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

1985:  The Color Purple  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1988:  Blueberry Hill

1989:  Riverbend

1990:  The Return of Superfly

1993:  Night Trap, Lightning In A Bottle

1995:  The Set Up, White Man’s Burden

1998:  Love Kills

2002:  Second To Die

2006:  Waitin’ To Live

2007:  Exodus

2008:  Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Meet the Browns

2018:  Proud Mary

2019:  Grand-Daddy Day Care