Marcello Mastroianni

Born:  September 28, 1924, Fontana Liri, Italy.


1939:  Marionette

1942:  Love Story

1944:  The Children Are Watching Us

1948:  Les Miserables, Tempesta Su Parigi

1949:  Vertigine d’Amore, Vent’anni

1950:  Domenica D’Agosto, Against The Law, Cuori Sul Mare, Vita Da Cani, The Charge Is Murder

1951:  A Tale of Five Cities, Paris Is Always Paris

1952:  Girls of the Spanish Steps, The Eternal Chain, Tragic Return, Enticement, Black Feathers, Sunday Heroes, La Muta di Portici

1953:  Lulu, Il Viale Della Speranza, Eager To Live, It’s Never Too Late, La Valigia dei Sogni

1954:  Chronicle of Poor Lovers, A Slice of Life, La Schiava del Pecato, Days of Love, House of Ricordi, The Island Princess

1955:  Too Bad She’s Bad, Tom Toms Of Mayumba, The Miller’s Wife

1956:  What A Woman!, The Bigamist

1957:  Like Father Like Son, Sand Love and Salt, Il Momento Piu Bello, Le Notti Bianche, Doctor and the Healer

1958:  Piece of the Sky, Big Deal On Madonna Street, Love On The Riviera, Love and Troubles

1959:  The Law, Il Marito Bello: Il Nemico di Mia Moglie, Everyone’s In Love, Ferdinando Io re Di Napoli

1960:  La Dolce Vita, Bell’Antonio, Hungry For Love

1961:  La Notte, The Assassin, Phantom Lovers, Divorce Italian Style (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1962:  A Very Private Affair, Family Portrait

1963:  8 1/2, The Organizer, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

1964:  Marriage Italian Style

1965:  Casanova ’70, The Tenth Victim, Oggi Domani Dopodomani

1966:  Me Me Me And The Others, Danger Grows Wild, Shoot Loud Louder…I Don’t Understand

1967:  The Stranger, Ghosts Italian Style

1968:  The Man With The Balloons, Diamonds For Breakfast, A Place For Lovers

1970:  Jealousy Italian Style, Sunflower, Leo The Last, The Voyeur, The Priest’s Wife

1971:  Scipio The African, It Only Happens To Others, Chicago Story

1972:  Love to Eternity, What?

1973:  Dirty Weekend, La Grande bouffe, A Slightly Pregnant Man, Massacre In Rome, Salut L’Artiste

1974:  Don’t Touch The White Woman, Allonsanfan

1975:  La Pupa Del Gangster, Down The Ancient Stars, The Divine Nymph, The Sunday Woman

1976:  Todo Modo, Signore E Signori Buonanotte, Lunatics and Lovers

1977:  A Special Day  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Wifemistress, Double Murder

1978:  Bye Bye Monkey, Stay As You Are, Blood Feud

1979:  Traffic Jam, Atrocious Tales of Love and Death

1980:  La Terrazza, City of Women

1981:  Fantasma D’Amore, La Pelle

1982:  That Night In Varennes, Beyond the Door, The Last Horror Film

1983:  The Story of Piera, Gabriela, The General of the Dead Army

1984:  Henry IV

1985:  Le Due Vite Di Mattia Pascal, Macaroni, Big Deal After 20 Years

1986: Ginger and Fred, The Beekeeper

1987:  Dark Eyes  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1988:  Miss Arizona

1989:  Splendor, What Time Is It?

1990:  Everybody’s Fine, Towards Evening

1991:  The Suspended Step of the Stork, Le Voleur d’Enfants

1992:  A Fine Romance, Used People

1993:  We Don’t Want To Talk About It, 1 2 3 Freeze

1995:  Les Cents Et Une Nuits De Simon Cinema, According To Pereira, Beyond The Clouds

1996:  Three Lives and Only One Death

1997:  Voyage To The Beginning Of the World


Died:  December 19, 1996, Paris, France.