Louise Dresser

Born:  October 5, 1878, Evansville, Indiana.


1922:  The Glory of Clementina, Burning Sands, Enter Madame

1923:  The Fog, Prodigal Daughters, Salomy Jane, Ruggles of Red Gap, Woman-Proof, To The Ladies

1924:  The Next Corner, What Shall I Do, The City That Never Sleeps, Cheap Kisses

1925:  Percy, Enticement, The Goose Woman, The Eagle

1926:  Fifth Avenue, The Blind Goddess, Padlocked, Broken Hearts of Hollywood, Gigolo, Everybody’s Acting, The Third Degree

1927:  White Flannels, Mr. Wu

1928:  A Ship Comes In  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), The Garden of Eden, Mother Knows Best, The Air Circus

1929:  Not Quite Decent, Madonna of Avenue A

1930:  Mammy, The Three Sisters, This Mad World, Lightnin’

1931:  Caught

1932:  Stepping Sisters

1933:  State Fair, Song of the Eagle, Doctor Bull, Cradle Song

1934:  David Harum, The Scarlet Empress, The Worlds Moves On, Servants’ Entrance, A Girl Of the Limberlost

1935:  The County Chairman

1937:  Maid of Salem


Died:  April 24, 1965, Woodland Hills, California.