Lloyd Nolan

Born:  August 11, 1902, San Francisco, California

Died:  September 27, 1985, Los Angeles, California


1935:  G-Men, Stolen Harmony, Atlantic Adventure, She Couldn’t Take It, One-Way Ticket

1936:  You May Be Next, Lady of Secrets, Big Brown Eyes, Devil’s Squadron, Counterfeit The Texas Rangers, 15 Maiden Lane

1937:  Internes Can’t Take Money, King of Gamblers, Exclusive, Ebb Tide, Every Day’s a Holiday, Wells Fargo

1938:  Dangerous To Know, Tip-Off Girls, Hunted Men, Prison Farm, King of Alcatraz

1939:  Ambush, St. Louis Blues, Undercover Doctor, The Magnificent Fraud

1940:  The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk, The House Across The Bay, Johnny Apollo, Gangs of Chicago, The Man I Married, Pier 13, The Golden Fleecing, Charter Pilot, Michael Shayne: Private Detective, Behind The News

1941:  Mr. Dynamite, Sleepers West, Dressed To Kill, Buy Me That Town, Blues In The Night, Steel Against The Sky

1942:  Blue White and Perfect, The Man Who Wouldn’t Die, It Happened In Flatbush, Just Off Broadway, Manila Calling, Apache Trail, Time To Kill

1943:  Bataan, Guadalcanal Diary

1944:  Resisting Enemy Interrogation

1945:  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Circumstantial Evidence, Captain Eddie, The House on 92nd Street

1946:  Two Smart People, Lady In The Lake

1947:  Wild Harvest

1948:  Green Grass Of Wyoming, The Street With No Name

1949:  The Sun Comes Up, Bad Boy, Easy Living

1951:  The Lemon Drop Kid

1953:  Island In The Sky, Crazylegs

1956:  The Last Hunt, Santiago, Toward The Unknown

1957:  Seven Days From Now, A Hatful of Rain, Peyton Place

1960:  Portrait In Black, Girl of the Night

1961:  Susan Slade

1962:  We Joined The Navy

1963:  The Girl Hunters

1964:  Circus World

1965:  Never Too Late

1966:  An American Dream

1967:  The Double Man

1968:  Sergeant Ryker, Ice Station Zebra

1970:  Airport

1974:  Earthquake

1975:  The Sky’s The Limit

1977:  The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover

1979:  My Boys Are Good Boys

1980:  Galyon

1984:  Private Jack

1986:  Hannah And Her Sisters


Emmy Award:  Best Actor-Single Performance, Ford Star Jubilee (1956)
Nomination:  Best Actor-Comedy Series, Julia (1969)


Photo by John Irving