Lionel Barrymore

Born:  April 28, 1878, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


1914:  Judith of Bethulia, The Span of Life, The Seats of the Mighty, The Exploits of Elaine, Under The Gaslight

1915:  Wildfire, A Modern Magdalen, The Curious Conduct of Judge Legarde, The Romance of Elaine, The Flaming Sword, A Yellow Streak

1916:  Dorian’s Divorce, The Upheaval, The Brand of Cowardice

1917:  The End of the Tour, His Father’s Son, The Millionaire’s Double, National Red Cross Pageant

1920:  The Copperhead, The Master Mind, The Devil’s Garden

1921:  The Great Adventure, Jim The Penman

1922:  Boomerang Bill, The Face In The Fog

1923:  Enemies of Women, Unseeing Eyes, The Eternal City

1924:  America, Decameron Nights, Meddling Women, I Am The Man, Wedding Women

1925:  A Man of Iron, The Girl Who Wouldn’t Work, Children of the Whirlwind, The Wrongdoers, Fifty-Fifty, The Splendid Road, The Woman Who Did, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

1926:  Brooding Eyes, The Barrier, Paris At Midnight, The Lucky Lady, The Bells, The Temptress

1927:  The Show, Women Love Diamonds, Body and Soul, The Thirteenth Hour

1928:  Sadie Thompson, Drums of Love, The Lion and the Mouse, Road House, Alias Jimmy Valentine, West of Zanzibar, The River Woman

1929:  The Mysterious Island

1930:  Free and Easy

1931:  A Free Soul  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor), Guilty Hands, The Yellow Ticket, Mata Hari

1932:  Broken Lullaby, Arsene Lupin, Grand Hotel, The Washington Masquerade, Rasputin and the Empress

1933:  Sweepings, Looking Forward, The Stranger’s Return, Dinner At Eight, One Man’s Journey, Night Flight, Christopher Bean, Should Ladies Behave

1934:  This Side of Heaven, Carolina, The Girl From Missouri, Treasure Island

1935:  David Copperfield, The Little Colonel, Mark of the Vampire, Public Hero Number 1, The Return of Peter Grimm, Ah Wilderness!

1936:  The Voice of Bugle Ann, The Road To Glory, The Devil-Doll, The Gorgeous Hussy, Camille

1937:  A Family Affair, Captains Courageous, Saratoga, Navy Blue and Gold

1938:  A Yank At Oxford, Test Pilot, You Can’t Take It With You, Young Dr. Kildare

1939:  Let Freedom Ring, Calling Dr. Kildare, On Borrowed Time, The Secret of Dr. Kildare

1940:  The Stars Look Down, Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case, Dr. Kildare Goes Home, Dr. Kildare’s Crisis

1941:  The Penalty, The Bad Man, The People Vs. Dr. KIldare, Dr. Kildare’s Wedding Day, Lady Be Good

1942:  Dr. Kildare’s Victory, Calling Dr. Gillespie, Dr. Gillespie’s New Assistant, Tennessee Johnson

1943:  Dr. Gillespie’s Criminal Case, A Guy Named Joe

1944:  3 Men In White, Since You Went Away, Dragon Seed

1945:  Between Two Women, The Valley of Decision

1946:  Three Wise Fools, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Secret Heart, Duel In The Sun

1947:  Dark Delusion

1948:  Key Largo

1949:  Down To The Sea In Ships, Malaya

1950:  Right Cross

1951:  Bannerline

1952:  Lone Star

1953:  Main Street To Broadway


Died:  November 15, 1954, Van Nuys, California.