My Old Addiction

Linda Hunt

Born:  April 2, 1945, Morristown, New Jersey.


1980:  Popeye

1982:  The Year of Living Dangerously  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress)

1984:  The Bostonians, Dune

1985:  Silverado, Eleni

1989:  She-Devil

1990:  Kindergarten Cop

1991:  Teen Agent

1992:  Rain Without Thunder

1993:  Twenty Bucks, Younger and Younger

1994:  Maverick, Pret-A-Porter

1995:  Pocahontas, Third Stone From The Sun

1997:  The Relic, Eat Your Heart Out

2002:  Dragonfly

2005:  Yours Mine & Ours

2006:  Stranger Than Fiction

2017:  The Relationtrip

2018:  Solo: A Star Wars Story

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