Lewis Stone

Born:  November 15, 1879, Worcester, Massachusetts.


1916:  Honor’s Altar, The Havoc, According To the Code

1918:  Inside The lines, The Man of Bronze

1919:  Man’s Desire

1920:  The River’s End, Milestones, Nomads of the North, Held by The Enemy

1921:  The Concert, Beau Revel, The Golden Snare, Don’t Neglect Your Wife, The Child Thou Gavest Me, Pilgrims of the Night

1922:  The Rosary, A Fool There Was, The Prisoner of Zenda, Trifling Women

1923:  The Dangerous Age, The World’s Applause, You Can’t Fool Your Wife, Scaramouche

1924:  The Stranger, Why Men Leave Home, Cytherea, Husbands and Lovers, Inez From Hollywood

1925:  Cheaper To Marry, The Lost World, Confessions of a Queen, The Talker, The Lady Who Lied, Fine Clothes, What Fools Men

1926:  Too Much Money, The Girl from Montmartre, Old Loves and New, Don Juan’s 3 Nights, Midnight Lovers, The Blonde Saint

1927:  An Affair of the Follies, The Notorious Lady, Lonesome Ladies, The Prince of Headwaiters, The Private Life of Helen of Troy

1928:  The Foreign Legion, The Patriot (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Freedom of the Press, A Woman of Affairs

1929:  Wild Orchids, The Trial Of Mary Dugan, Wonder of Women, Madame X, Their Own Desire

1930:  Strictly Unconventional, The Big House, Romance, The Office Wife, Passion Flower

1931:  Inspiration, Father’s Son, The Secret 6, My Past, Always Goodbye, The Bargain, The Phantom of Paris, The Sin of Madelon Claudet, Strictly Dishonorable, Mata Hari

1932:  The Wet Parade, Grand Hotel, Night Court, Letty Lynton, New Morals For Old, Red-Headed Woman, Unashamed, Divorce In The Family, The Mask of Fu Manchu, The Son-Daughter

1933:  Men Must Fight, The White Sister, Looking Forward, Bureau of Missing Persons, Queen Christina

1934:  You Can’t Buy Everything, The Mystery of Dr. X, The Girl From Missouri, Treasure Island

1935:  David Copperfield, Vanessa Her Love Story, West Point of the Air, Public Hero Number 1, Woman Wanted, China Seas, Shipmates Forever

1936:  Tough Guy, Three Godfathers, The Unguarded Hour, Small Town Girl, Suzy, Sworn Enemy, Don’t Turn ‘Em Loose

1937:  Outcast, The Thirteenth Chair, The Man Who Cried Wolf, You’re Only Young Once, The Bad Man of Brimstone

1938:  Judge Hardy’s Children, Stolen Heaven, Yellow Jack, Love Finds Andy Hardy, The Chaser, Out West With The Hardys

1939:  The Ice Follies of 1939, The Hardys Ride High, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President, Judge Hardy and Son

1940:  Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, Sporting Blood

1941:  Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary, Life Begins For Andy Hardy

1942:  The Bugle Sounds, The Courtship of Andy Hardy, Andy Hardy’s Double Life

1944:  Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble

1946:  The Hoodlum Saint, Three Wise Fools, Love Laughs At Andy Hardy

1948:  State of the Union

1949:  The Sun Comes Up, Any Number Can Play

1950:  Key to the City, Stars In My Crown

1951:  Grounds For Marriage, Night Into Morning, Angels In The Outfield, Bannerline, The Unknown Man, It’s A Big Country: An American Anthology

1952:  Just This Once, Talk About A Stranger, Scaramouche, The Prisoner of Zenda

1953:  All The Brothers Were Valiant


Died:  September 12, 1953, Beverly Hills, California.