Lew Ayres

Born:  December 28, 1908, Minneapolis, Minnesota


1929:  The Sophomore, Big News, The Kiss

1930:  All Quiet On The Western Front, Common Clay, The Doorway To Hell, East Is West

1931:  Many A Slip, Iron Man, Up For Murder, The Spirit of Notre Dame, Heaven On Earth

1932:  The Impatient Maiden, The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood, Night World, Okay America

1933:  State Fair, Don’t Bet On Love, My Weakness

1934:  Cross Country Cruise, Let’s Be Ritzy, She Learned About Sailors, Servants’ Entrance

1935:  The Lottery Lover, Spring Tonic, Silk Hat Kid

1936:  The Leathernecks Have Landed, Panic On The Air, Shakedown, Lady Be Careful, Murder With Pictures

1937;  The Crime Nobody Saw, The Last Train From Madrid, Hold ‘Em Navy

1938:  Scandal Street, King of the Newsboys, Holiday, Rich Man Poor Girl, Young Dr. Kildare, Spring Madness

1939:  The Ice Follies of 1939, Broadway Serenade, Calling Dr. Kildare, These Glamour Girls, The Secret of Dr. Kildare, Remember?

1940:  Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case, The Golden Fleecing, Dr. Kildare Goes Home, Dr. Kildare’s Crisis

1941:  Maisie Was a Lady, The People Vs. Dr. Kildare, Dr. Kildare’s Wedding Day

1942:  Dr. Kildare’s Victory

1946:  The Dark Mirror

1947:  The Unfaithful

1948:  Johnny Belinda  (Oscar Nomination:  Best Actor)

1950:  The Capture

1951:  New Mexico

1953:  No Escape, Donovan’s Brain

1962:  Advise & Consent

1964:  The Carpetbaggers

1972:  The Biscuit Eater, The Man

1973:  Battle for the Planet of the apes

1977:  End of the World

1978:  Damien: Omen II, Battlestar Galactica

1984:  The World of Don Camillo


Died:  December 30, 1996, Los Angeles, California.