Leslie Howard

Born:  April 3, 1893, Forest Hill, England.


1917:  The Happy Warrior

1919:  The Lackey and the Lady

1930:  Outward Bound

1931:  Never The Twain Shall Meet, A Free Soul, Five and Ten, Devotion

1932:  Reserved For Ladies, Smilin’ Through, The Animal Kingdom

1933:  Secrets, Captured!, Berkeley Square  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1934:  Of Human Bondage, The Lady Is Willing, British Agent, The Scarlet Pimpernel

1936:  The Petrified Forest, Romeo and Juliet

1937:  It’s Love I’m After, Stand-In

1938:  Pygmalion  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1939:  Intermezzo, Gone With The Wind

1941:  Pimpernel Smith, 49th Parallel

1942:  Spitfire, In Which We Serve

1943:  The Gentle Sex


Died:  June 1, 1943, Bay of Biscay.