Lee Tracy

Born:  April 14, 1898, Atlanta, Georgia.


1929:  Salute, Big Time

1930:  Born Reckless, Liliom, She Got What She Wanted

1932:  The Strange Love of Molly Louvain, Love Is A Racket, Doctor X, The Night Mayor, Blessed Event, Washington Merry-Go-Round, The Half Naked Truth

1933:  Clear All Wires!, Private Jones, The Nuisance, Dinner At Eight, Turn Back The Clock, Bombshell, Advice To The Lovelorn

1934:  I’ll Tell The World, You Belong To Me, The Lemon Drop Kid

1935:  Carnival, Two Fisted

1936:  Sutter’s Gold, Wanted! Jane Turner

1937:  Criminal Lawyer, Behind The Headlines

1938:  Crashing Hollywood

1939:  Fixer Dugan, The Spellbinder

1940:  Millionaires In Prison

1942:  The Pay Off

1943:  Power of the Press

1945:  Betrayal of the East, I’ll Tell The World

1947:  High Tide

1964:  The Best Man  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)


Died:  October 18, 1968, Santa Monica, California.