Lee Marvin

Born:  Febuary 19, 1924, New York City, New York.


1951:  You’re In the Navy Now, Teresa

1952:  Diplomatic Courier, We’re Not Married!, The Duel At Silver Creek, Hangman’s Knot, Eight Iron Men

1953:  Down Among The Sheltering Palms, Seminole, The Glory Brigade, The Stranger Wore a Gun, The Big Heat, Gun Fury, The Wild One

1954:  Gorilla At Large, The Caine Mutiny, The Raid

1955:  Bad Day At Black Rock, Violent Saturday, Not As A Stranger, A Life In The Balance, Pete Kelly’s Blues, I Died A Thousand Times, Shack Out On 101

1956:  7 Men From Now, Attack, The Tomahawk and the Cross, The Rack

1957:  Raintree County

1958:  The Missouri Traveler

1961:  The Comancheros

1962:  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

1963:  Donovan’s Reef

1964:  The Killers

1965:  Cat Ballou  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor), Ship of Fools

1966:  The Professionals

1967:  The Dirty Dozen, Point Blank

1968:  Hell In The Pacific

1969:  Paint Your Wagon

1970:  Monte Walsh

1972:  Pocket Money, Prime Cut

1973:  Emperor of the North, The Iceman Cometh

1974:  The Spikes Gang, The Klansman

1976:  Shout at the Devil, The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursdasy

1979:  Avalanche Express

1980:  The Big Red One

1981:  Death Hunt

1983:  Gorky Park

1984:  Dog Day

1986:  The Delta Force


Died:  August 29, 1987, Tucson, Arizona.