Laurence Harvey

Born:  October 1, 1928, Joniskis, Lithuania.


1948:  House of Darkness

1949:  Temptations, Man on the Run, Landfall

1950:  Cairo Road, The Dancing Years, The Black Rose, Seven Days To Noon

1951:  Scarlet Thread, Wall of Death

1952:  I Believe In You, A Killer Walks, Twilight Women

1953:  Innocents in Paris

1954:  The Good Die Young, King Richard and the Crusaders, Romeo and Juliet

1955:  I Am A Camera, Storm Over The Nile

1956:  Three Men In A Boat

1957:  After The Ball, The Truth About Women

1958:  The Silent Enemy

1959:  Room At the Top  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Expresso Bongo

1960:  The Alamo, BUtterfield 8

1961:  Jungle Fighters, Two Loves, Summer and Smoke

1962:  Walk On The Wild Side, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The Manchurian Candidate, A Girl Named Tamiko

1963:  The Running Man, The Ceremony

1964:  Of Human Bondage, The Outrage

1965:  Darling, Life at the Top, The Doctor and the Devil

1966:  The Spy With A Cold Nose

1967:  The Winter’s Tale

1968:  A Dandy In Aspic, The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Last Roman

1969:  Appointment In Beirut, Kampf Um Rom II Der Verrat, He and She, The Magic Christian

1970:  WUSA, Tchaikovsky, The Deep

1972:  Escape To The Sun

1973:  Night Watch

1974:  Welcome To ARrow Beach, Yellow-Headed Summer


Died:  November 25, 1973, London, England.