Lauren Bacall

Born:  September 16, 1924, The Bronx, New York City.


1944:  To Have And Have Not

1945:  Confidential Agent

1946:  Royal Flush, The Big Sleep

1947:  Dark Passage

1948:  Key Largo

1950:  Young Man With A Horn, Bright Leaf

1953:  How To Marry A Millionaire

1954:  Woman’s World

1955:  The Cobweb, Blood Alley

1956:  Patterns of Power, Written On The Wind

1957:  Designing Woman

1958:  The Gift of Love

1959:  North West Frontier

1964:  Shock Treatment, Sex and the Single Girl

1966:  The Moving Target

1974:  Murder On The Orient Express

1976:  The Shootist

1980:  HealtH

1981:  The Fan

1988:  Appointment With Death, Mr. North

1989:  Tree of Hands

1990:  Misery

1991:  A Star For Two, All I Want For Christmas

1994:  Ready To Wear

1996:  The Mirror Has Two Faces  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), My Fellow Americans

1997:  Le Jour et la Nuit

1999:  Madeline: Lost In Paris, Presence of Mind, Diamonds, The Venice Project

2003:  Dogville

2004:  Howl’s Moving Castle, Birth

2005:  Manderlay, These Foolish Things

2007:  The Walker

2010:  Wide Blue Yonder

2012: Ernest & Celestine, The Forger


Died:  August 12, 2014, New York City, New York.