Klaus Maria Brandauer

Born:  June 22, 1943, Bad Aussee, Austria.


1972:  The Salzburg Connection

1979:  A Sunday In October

1981:  Mephisto

1983:  Never Say Never Again

1984:  Kindergarten

1985:  Colonel Redl, The Lightship, Out of Africa  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1986:  Streets of Gold

1988:  Hanussen, Burning Secret

1989:  Spider’s Web, La Revolution Francaise, Seven Minutes

1990:  The Russia House

1991:  White Fang, Becoming Colette

1994:  Felidae, Mario und der Zauberer

1997:  Balkan Island: The Last Story of the Century

1999:  Rembrandt

2000:  The Diver, Vera Nadezhda Krov

2001:  The Gault

2002:  Jedermanns Fest, Between Strangers

2003Poem I Set My Foot Upon The air and It Carried Me

2009:  Tetro

2011:  Manipulation

2012:  The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich