Juliette Binoche

Born:  March 9, 1964, Paris, France.


1983:  Liberty Belle

1985:  Hail Mary, Les Nanas, Family Life, Farewell to Fred, Rendez-vous, Le Meilleur de la Vie

1986:  My Brother In Law Killed My Sister, The Night Is Young

1988:  The Unbearable Lightness of Being

1989:  Roundabout

1991:  The Lovers On The Bridge

1992:  Wuthering Heights, Damage

1993:  Three Colours: Blue

1994:  Three Colours: White, Three Colours: Red

1995:  The Horseman on the Roof

1996:  A Couch In New York, The English Patient (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress)

1998:  Alice and Martin

1999:  The Children of the Century

2000:  The Widow of Saint-Pierre, Code Unknown, Chocolat (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

2002:  Jet Lag

2004:  Country of My Skull

2005:  Cache, Bee Season, Mary

2006:  Paris Je T’Aime, Breaking and Entering, A Few Days In September

2007:  Flight of the Red Balloon, Disengagement, Dan In Real Life

2008:  Paris, Summer Hours, Shirin

2010:  Certified Copy

2011:  The Son of No One, Elles

2012:  Another Woman’s Life, Cosmopolis, An Open Heart

2013:  Camille Claudel 1915, 1000 Times Good Night, Words and Pictures

2014:  Godzilla, Clouds of Sils Maria

2015:  Endless Night, 7 Letters, The 33, L’Attesa

2016:  Slack Bay, Polina

2017:  Ghost In The Shell, Baby Bump(s), Let The Sunshine In

2018:  Vision, Non-Fiction, High Life

2019:  Who You Think I Am