John Mills

Born:  February 22, 1908, The Watts Naval Training College, England.


1932:  Midshipmaid Gob

1933:  The Ghost Camera, Britannia of Billingsgate

1934:  A Political Party, The River Wolves, Those Were The Days, The Lash, Blind Justice, The Doctor’s Secret

1935:  Car of Dreams, Regal Cavalcade, Born For Glory, Charing Cross Road

1936:  The First Offence, Nine Days A Queen

1937:  You’re In The Army Now, The Green Cockatoo

1939:  Goodbye Mr. Chips

1941:  Old Bill and Son, Bombsight Stolen

1942:  Black Sheep of Whitehall, The Big Blockade, In Which We Serve, The Young Mr. Pitt

1943:  We Dive At Dawn

1944:  This Happy Breed

1945:  Waterloo Road, Johnny In The Clouds

1946:  Great Expectations

1947:  So Well Remembered, The October Man

1948:  Scott of the Antarctic

1949:  The History of Mr. Polly, The Rocking Horse Winner

1950:  Operation Disaster

1951:  Mr. Denning Drives North

1952:  The Gentle Gunman

1953:  The Long Memory

1954:  Hobson’s Choice

1955:  The Colditz Story, The End of the Affair, Above Us The Waves, Escapade

1956:  The Baby and the Battleship, War and Peace, Around The World In 80 Days, It’s Great To Be Young!

1957:  Town On Trial, The Circle

1958:  Dunkirk, Ice Cold In Alex, Hell Heaven or Hoboken

1959:  Tiger Bay, Season of Passion

1960:  Tunes Of Glory, Swiss Family Robinson

1961:  The Singer Not The Song, The Parent Trap, Flame in the Streets

1962:  The Valiant, Tiara Tahiti

1964:  The Chalk Garden

1965:  The Truth About Spring, Operation Crossbow, King Rat

1966:  The Wrong Box, The Family Way

1967:  Africa: Texas Style, Chuka

1968:  A Black Veil For Lisa, Emma Hamilton

1969:  Run Wild Run Free, Oh What A Lovely War

1970:  Adam’s Woman, Ryan’s Daughter  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1971:  Dulcima

1972:  Young Winston, Lady Caroline Lamb

1973:  Oklahoma Crude

1975:  The ‘Human’ Factor

1976:  A Dirty Knight’s Work

1977:  The Devil’s Advocate

1978:  The Big Sleep, The Thirty-Nine Steps

1979:  The Quatermass Conclusion, Zulu Dawn

1982:  Gandhi

1983:  Sahara

1986:  When The Wind Blows

1987:  Who’s That Girl

1994:  Deadly Advice

1995:  Gentlemen Don’t Eat Poets

1996:  Hamlet

1997:  Bean

2003:  Bright Young Things


Died:  April 23, 2005, Denham, England.