John Marley

Born:  October 17, 1907, Harlem, New York.


1947:  Kiss of Death

1948:  The Naked City

1950:  Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town

1951:  The Mob

1952:  My Six Convicts

1953:  The Joe Louis Story

1955:  The Square Jungle

1956:  Time Table

1958:  I Want To Live!

1960:  Pay or Die!

1963:  A Child Is Waiting, The Wheeler Dealers, America America

1965:  Nightmare In The Sun, Cat Ballou, The Lollipop Cover

1968:  Faces, In Enemy Country

1970:  A Man Called Sledge, Love Story  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1971:  Clay Pigeon

1972:  The Dead Are Alive, The Godfather

1973:  Jory, Blade

1974:  Dead of Night

1975:  Framed

1976:  W.C. Fields and Me

1977:  Vengeance, The Car, The Greatest, The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover

1978:  It Lives Again, Hooper

1980:  Tribute

1981:  Threshold, The Amateur

1982:  Mother Lode

1983:  Utilities

1986:  On The Edge


Died:  May 22, 1984, Los Angeles, California.