John Huston

Born:  August 5, 1906, Nevada, Missouri.


1929:  The Shakedown, Hell’s Heroes

1930:  The Storm

1948:  The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

1949:  We Were Strangers

1951:  The Red Badge of Courage

1956:  Moby Dick

1961:  The Misfits

1962:  Freud

1963:  The List of Adrian Messenger, The Cardinal  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1966:  The Bible: In The Beginning…

1967:  Casino Royale

1968:  Candy

1969:  De Sade, A Walk With Love And Death

1970:  The Kremlin Letter, Myra Breckinridge

1971:  The Bridge in the Jungle, The Devil’s Backbone, Man in the Wilderness

1972:  The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

1973:  Battle For The Planet of the Apes

1974:  Chinatown

1975:  Breakout, The Wind And the Lion

1977:  Tentacles, Angela

1978:  The Biggest Batle, The Bermuda Triangle

1979:  The Visitor, Winter Kills, Wise Blood, Jaguar Lives!

1980:  Head On

1982:  Cannery Row, Annie

1983:  Lovesick, A Minor Miracle

1985:  Epic, The Black Cauldron

1986:  Momo

2018:  The Other Side of the Wind


Died:  August 28, 1987, Middletown, Rhode Island.