My Old Addiction

John Cassavetes

Born:  December 9, 1929, New York City, New York.


1951:  Fourteen Hours

1953:  Taxi

1955:  The Night Holds Terror

1956:  Crime in the Streets

1957:  Edge of the City, Affair In Havana

1958:  Saddle The Wind, Our Virgin Island

1959:  Shadows

1961:  Too Late Blues

1962:  The Webster Boy

1963:  A Child Is Waiting

1964:  The Killers

1967:  Devil’s Angels, The Dirty Dozen  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1968:  Rosemary’s Baby, Bandits In Rome

1969:  Machine Gun McCain, If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium

1970:  Husbands

1971:  Minnie And Moskowitz

1975:  Capone

1976:  Two-Minute Warning, Mikey and Nicky

1977:  Heroes, Opening Night

1978:  The Fury, Brass Target

1981:  Whose Life Is It Anyway

1982:  The Incubus, Tempest

1983:  Marvin & Tige

1984:  Love Streams

1985:  King Kongs Faust


Died:  February 3, 1989, Los Angeles, California.

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