Jodie Foster

Born:  November 19, 1962, Los Angeles, California.


1972:  Napoleon and Samantha, Kansas City Bomber

1973:  Tom Sawyer, One Little Indian

1974:  Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

1976:  Echoes of a Summer, Taxi Driver (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane, Bugsy Malone, Freaky Friday

1977:  Stop Calling Me Baby!, Beach House, Candleshoe

1980:  Foxes, Carny

1982:  O’Hara’s Wife

1984:  The Hotel New Hampshire, The Blood of Others

1985:  Mesmerized

1987:  Five Corners, Siesta

1988:  Stealing Home, The Accused  (Oscar Winner: Best Actress)

1990:  Catchfire

1991:  The Silence of the Lambs (Oscar Winner: Best Actress), Little Man Tate, Shadows and Fog

1993:  Sommersby

1994:  Maverick, Nell  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1997:  Contact

1999:  Anna and the King

2002:  The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Panic Room

2004:  A Very Long Engagement

2005:  Flightplan

2006:  Inside Man

2007:  The Brave One

2008:  Nim’s Island

2009:  Motherhood

2011:  The Beaver, Carnage

2013:  Elysium