Joan Fontaine

Born:  October 22, 1917, Tokyo, Japan.


1935:  No More Ladies

1937:  A Million To One, Quality Street, The Man Who Found Himself, You Can’t Beat Love, Music For Madame, A Damsel In Distress

1938:  Maid’s Night Out, Blond Cheat, Sky Giant

1939:  The Duke of West Point, Gunga Din, Man of Conquest, The Women

1940:  Rebecca (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1941:  Suspicion (Oscar Winner: Best Actress)

1942:  This Above All

1943:  The Constant Nymph  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1944:  Jane Eyre, Frenchman’s Creek

1945:  The Affairs of Susan

1946:  From This Day Forward

1947:  Ivy

1948:  Letter From An Unknown Woman, The Emperor Waltz, You Gotta Stay Happy, Kiss the Blood Off My Hands

1950:  September Affair, Born To Be Bad

1951:  Darling How Could You, Othello

1952:  Something To Live For, Ivanhoe

1953:  Decameron Nights, Flight To Tangier, The Bigamist

1954:  Casanova’s Big Night

1956:  Serenade, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

1957:  Island In The Sun, Until They Sail

1958:  A Certain Smile

1961:  Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea

1962:  Tender Is the Night

1966:  The Witches


Died:  December 15, 2013, Carmel, California.