Joan Blondell

Born:  August 30, 1906, New York City, New York.


1930:  The Office Wife, Sinners’ Holiday

1931:  Other Men’s Women, Millie, Illicit, God’s Gift To Women, The Public Enemy, My Past, Big Business Girl, Night Nurse, The Reckless Hour, Blonde Crazy

1932:  Union Depot, The Greeks Had A Word For Them, The Crowd Roars, The Famous Ferguson Case, Make Me A Star, Miss Pinkerton, Big City Blues, Three On A Match, Central Park, Lawyer Man

1933:  Broadway Bad, Blondie Johnson, Gold Diggers of 1933, Goodbye Again, Footlight Parade, Havana Widows, Convention City

1934:  I’ve Got Your Number, He Was Her Man, Smarty, Dames, Kansas City Princess

1935:  Traveling Saleslady, Broadway Gondolier, We’re In The Money, Miss Pacific Fleet

1936:  Colleen, Sons o’Guns, Bullets or Ballots, Stage Struck, Three Men On A Horse, Gold Diggers of 1937

1937:  The King and the Chorus Girl, Back In Circulation, The Perfect Specimen, Stand-In

1938:  There’s Always A Woman

1939:  Off The Record, East Side of Heaven, The Kid From Kokomo, Good Girls Go To Paris, The Amazing Mr. Williams

1940:  Two Girls On Broadway, I Want A Divorce

1941:  Topper Returns, Model Wife, Three Girls About Town

1942:  Lady For A Night

1943:  Cry ‘Havoc’

1945:  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Don Juan Quilligan, Adventure

1947:  The Corpse Came C.O.D., Nightmare Alley, Christmas Eve

1950:  For Heaven’s Sake

1951:  The Blue Veil  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1956:  The Opposite Sex

1957:  Lizzie, This Could Be the Night, Desk Set, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

1961:  Angel Baby

1964:  Advance To The Rear

1965:  The Cincinnati Kid

1966:  Ride Beyond Vengeance

1967:  The Spy In the Green Hat, Waterhole #3

1968:  Stay Away Joe, Kona Coast

1969:  Big Daddy

1970:  The Phynx

1971:  Support Your Local Gunfighter

1976:  Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood

1977:  The Baron, Opening Night

1978:  Grease

1979:  The Champ, The Glove

1981:  The Woman Inside


Died:  December 25, 1979, Santa Monica, California.