Jean Dujardin

Born:  June 19, 1972, Rueil-Malmaison-Hauts-de-Seine, France


2002:  If I Were a Rich Man

2003:  All Girls Are crazy, Welcome to The Roses, The Car Keys

2004:  Le Convoyeur, Mariages!, Lucky Luke and the Daltons

2005:  La Vie de Michel Muller est plus Belle Que la Votre, The Brice Man, L’Amour Aux Trousses, Il Ne Faut Jurer…de Rien

2006:  OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies

2007:  Counter Investigation, Hellphone, Cherche Fiance Tous Frais Payes, 99 Frances

2008:  Ca$h, Un Homme Et Son Chien

2009:  Lucky Luke, OSS 117: Lost In Rio

2010:  The Clink of Ice, Little White Lies, A View of Love

2011:  The Artist

2013:  Mobius, 9-Month Stretch, The Wolf of Wall Street

2014:  The Monuments Men, The Connection

2015:  Un + Une

2016:  Up For Love, Brice 3

2017:  Sahara, Chacun Sa Vie

2018:  Return of the Hero, I Feel Good

2019:  Nous Finirons Ensemble, Deerskin, J’Accuse

2020:  Effacer L’Historique

2021:  Presidents, OSS 117: From Africa With Love


Academy Award:  Best Actor, The Artist (2011)

Cannes Film Festival:  Best Actor, The Artist (2011)

European Film Award Nominations:  Best European Actor, The Artist (2011); J’Accuse (2019)

Golden Globe Award:  Best Actor-Musical/Comedy, The Artist (2011)

Screen Actors Guild Award:  Best Male Actor, The Artist (2011)
Nomination:  Outstanding Motion Picture Cast, The Artist (2011)


Photo by Georges Biard