Jean Arthur

Born:  October 17, 1900, Plattsburgh, New York

Died:  June 19, 1991, Carmel, California


1923:  Cameo Kirby, The Temple of Venus

1924:  Wine of Youth, The Iron Horse, Fast and Fearless, Biff Bang Buddy, Bringin’ Home The Bacon

1925:  Thundering Romance, Travelin’ Fast, Seven Chances, The Drug Store Cowboy, The Fighting Smile, Tearin’ Loose, A Man of Nerve, The Hurricane Horseman

1926:  Thundering Through, Under fire, The Roaring Rider, Born To Battle, The Fighting Cheat, Double Daring, Lightning Bill, Twisted Triggers, The cowboy Cop, The College Boob, The Block Signal

1927:  Winners of the Wilderness, Husband Hunters, The Broken Gate, Horse Shoes, The Poor Nut, The Masked Menace

1928:  Flying Luck, Wallflowers, Easy Come Easy Go, Warming Up, Brotherly Love

1929:  Sins of the Fathers, The Canary Murder Case, Stairs of Sand, The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu, The Green Murder Case, The Saturday Night Kid

1930:  Half Way To Heaven, Street of chance, Young Eagles, Paramount on Parade, The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, Danger Lights, The Silver Horde

1931:  The Gang Buster, The Virtuous Husband, The Lawyer’s Secret, Ex-Bad Boy

1933:  The Past of Mary Holmes, Get That Venus

1934:  Whirlpool, Most Precious Thing In Life, The Defense Rests

1935:  The Whole Town’s Talking, Party Wire, Public Hero Number 1, Diamond Jim, The Public Menace

1936:  If You Could Only Cook, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford, Adventure In Manhattan, The Plainsman

1937:  More Than a Secretary, History Is Made At Night, Easy Living

1938:  You Can’t Take It With You

1939:  Only Angels Have Wings, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

1940:  Too Many Husbands, Arizona

1941:  The Devil and Miss Jones

1942:  The Talk Of The Town

1943:  The More The MerrierA Lady Takes a Chance

1944:  The Impatient Years

1948:  A Foreign Affair

1953:  Shane


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Actress, The More The Merrier (1943)