Janet Gaynor

Born:  October 6, 1906, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died:  September 14, 1984, Palm Springs, California


1924:  Cupid’s Rustler, Young Ideas

1925:  Dangerous Innocence, The Burning Trail, The Teaser, The Plastic Age, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

1926:  The Johnstown Flood, Oh What A Nurse, Skinner’s Dress Suit, The Shamrock Handicap, The Galloping Cowboy, The Man In The Saddle, The Blue Eagle, The Midnight Kiss, The Return of Peter Grimm, Lazy Lightning, The Stolen Ranch

1927:  7th Heaven, Two Girls Wanted, Sunrise

1928:  Street Angel4 Devils

1929:  Lucky Star, Happy Days, Christina, Sunnyside Up

1930:  High Society Blues

1931:  The Man Who Came Back, Daddy Long Legs, Merely Mary Ann, Delicious

1932:  The First Year, Tess of the Storm Country

1933:  State Fair, Adorable, Paddy The Next Best Thing

1934:  Carolina, Change of Heart, Servants’ Entrance

1935:  One More Spring, The Farmer Takes a Wife

1936:  Small Town Girl, Ladies In Love

1937:  A Star Is Born

1938:  The Young In Heart, Three Loves Has Nancy

1957:  Bernardine


Academy Award:  Best Actress, 7th Heaven/Street Angel/Sunrise (1927/28)
Nomination:  Best Actress, A Star Is Born (1937)