Jane Darwell

Born:  October 15, 1879, Palmyra, Missouri

Died:  August 13, 1967, Woodland Hills, California


1914:  Brewster’s Millions, The Master Mind, The Only Son, The Man on the Box, Ready Money, Rose of the Rancho

1915:  Hypocrites, The Goose Girl, After Five, The Rug Maker’s Daughter, The Reform Candidate

1923:  Little Church Around The Corner

1930:  Tom Sawyer

1931:  Fighting Caravans, Huckleberry Finn, Ladies of the Big House

1932:  No One Man, Young America, The Strange Case of Clara Deane, Back Street, Washington Merry-Go-Round, Hot Saturday, Women Won’t Tell

1933:  Air Hostess, The Past of Mary Holmes, Child of Manhattan, Murders In The Zoo, Bondage, The Girl In 419, Emergency Call, Jennie Gerhardt, Bed of Roses, Before Dawn, He Couldn’t Take It, One Sunday Afternoon, Ann Vickers, Aggie Appleby Maker of Men, Only Yesterday, Design For Living, Roman Scandals, King for a Night

1934:  Cross Country Cruise, Fashions of 1934, Wonder Bar, Heat Lightning, David Harum, Journal of a Crime, Once To Every Woman, Finishing School, The Scarlet Empress, Change of Heart, Let’s Talk It Over, Most Precious Thing In Life, Blind Date, Million Dollar Ransom, Embarrassing Moments, One Night Of Love, Desirable, Wake Up and Dream, Happiness Ahead, Tomorrow’s Youth, The Firebird, The White Parade, Gentlemen Are Born, Bright Eyes

1935:  One More Spring, McFadden’s Flats, Life Begins At 40, Curly Top, Navy Wife, Metropolitan, We’re Only Human

1936:  Paddy O’Day, The Country Doctor, The First Baby, Captain January, Private Number, Little Miss Nobody, Poor Little Rich Girl, White Fang, Star For A Night, Ramona, Craig’s Wife, Laughing At Trouble

1937:  Love Is News, Nancy Steele Is Missing, The Great Hospital Mystery, Fifty Roads To Town, Slave Ship, The Singing Marine, Wife Doctor and Nurse, Dangerously Yours

1938:  Change of Heart, The Jury’s Secret, Battle of Broadway, Three Blind Mice, Little Miss Broadway, Time Out For Murder, Five of a Kind, Up The River

1939:  Jesse James, Inside Story, The Zero Hour, Unexpected Father, Grand Jury Secrets, The Rains Came, 20 000 Men a Year, Gone With The Wind, Miracle On Main Street

1940:  The Grapes of WrathUntamed, Brigham Young, Youth Will Be Served, Chad Hanna

1941:  Thieves Fall Out, Private Nurse, The Devil and Daniel Webster

1942:  All Through The Night, Young America, On The Sunny Side, Small Town Deb, It Happened In Flatbush, Men of Texas, The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe, Highways By Night, The Great Gildersleeve

1943:  The Ox-Bow Incident, Gildersleeve’s Bad Day, Stage Door Canteen, Government Girl, Tneder Comrade

1944:  Reckless Age, The Impatient Years, Music In Manhattan, She’s A Sweetheart, Sunday Dinner For a Soldier

1945:  A Yank In London, Captain Tugboat Annie

1946:  The Dark Horse, Three Wise Fools, My Darling Clementine

1947:  Keeper of the Bees, The Red Stallion

1948:  Train To Alcatraz, 3 Godfathers

1949:  Red Canyon

1950:  The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady, Wagon Master, Caged, Surrender, Redwood Forest Trail, Three Husbands, The Second Face, Father’s Wild Game

1951:  The Lemon Drop Kid, Excuse My Dust, Journey Into Light

1952:  We’re Not Married

1953:  The Sun Shines Bright, It Happens Every Thursday, Affair With A Stranger, The Bigamist

1955:  Hit The Deck, There’s Always Tomorrow, A Life At Stake

1956:  Girls In Prison

1958:  The Last Hurrah

1959:  Hound-Dog Man

1964:  Mary Poppins


Academy Award:  Best Supporting Actress, The Grapes of Wrath (1940)