James Mason

Born:  May 15, 1909, Huddersfield, England

Died:  July 27, 1984, Lausanne, Switzerland


1935:  Late Extra

1936:  Father and Son, Prison Breaker, Troubled Waters, Blind Man’s Bluff, The Secret of Stamboul, The Mill on the Floss

1937:  Fire Over England, The High Command, Catch As Catch Can, The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel

1939:  I Met A Murderer

1941:  The Patient Vanishes

1942:  Hatter’s Castle, The Night Has Eyes, Alibi, Secret Mission Thunder Rock

1943:  The Bells Go Down, The Man In Grey, They Met In The Dark

1944:  Candlelight In Algeria, Fanny By Gaslight, Hotel Reserve

1945:  A Place of One’s Own, They Were Sisters, The Seventh Veil, The Wicked Lady

1947:  Odd Man Out, The Upturned Glass

1949:  Caught, Madame Bovary, The Reckless Moment, East Side West Side

1950:  One Way Street

1951:  Pandora And the Flying Dutchman, Rommel Desert Fox

1952:  Lady Possessed, 5 Fingers, Face To Face, The Prisoner of Zenda, Botany Bay

1953:  The Story of Three Loves, The Desert Rats, Julius Caesar, The Man Between

1954:  Prince Valiant, Charade, A Star Is Born, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea

1956:  Forever Darling, Bigger Than Life

1957:  Island In The Sun

1958:  Cry Terror!, The Decks Ran Red

1959:  North By Northwest, Journey to the Center of the Earth

1960:  A Touch of Larceny, The Trials of Oscar Wilde

1961:  The Marriage-Go-Round

1962:  Escape From Zahrain, Lolita, Tiara Tahiti, Hero’s Island

1963:  Torpedo Bay

1964:  The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Pumpkin Eater

1965:  Lord Jim, Genghis Khan, The Uninhibited, The Doctor and the Devil

1966:  Georgy GirlThe Blue Max, The Deadly Affair

1967:  Stranger In The House

1968:  Duffy, Mayerling, The Sea Gull

1969:  Age of Consent

1970:  Spring and Port Wine, Cold Sweat, The Yin and the Yang f Mr. Go, Crepa Padrone Crepa Tranquillo

1971:  Bad Man’s River, Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

1972:  Child’s Play

1973:  John Keats: His Life and Death, The Last of Sheila, The MacKintosh Man

1974:  11 Harrowhouse, The Destructors

1975:  Mandingo, Kidnap Syndicate, The Left Hand of the Law, Autobiography of a Princess, Inside Out, The Flower In His Mouth

1976:  Voyage of the Damned

1977:  Cross Of Iron

1978:  The Water Babies, Heaven Can Wait, Fear In The City, The Boys From Brazil

1979:  Murder By Decree, The Passage, Bloodline

1980:  North Sea Hijack

1982:  Evil Under The Sun, A Dangerous Summer, The Verdict, Socrates

1983:  Yellowbeard, Alexandre

1985:  The Shooting Party, The Assisi Underground


Academy Award Nominations:  Best Actor, A Star Is Born  (1954); Best Supporting Actor, Georgy Girl (1966); The Verdict (1982)

Golden Globe Award:  Best Actor-Musical/Comedy, A Star Is Born  (1954)
Nominations:  Best Actor-Drama, Lolita (1962); Best Supporting Actor, The Verdict (1982)