James Le Gros

Born:  April 27, 1962, Minneapolis, Minnesota


1986:  The Ladies Club, Solarbabies

1987:  Near Dark, Real Men, Fatal Beauty, Batteries Not Included

1988:  Phantasm II, Hollywood Heartbreak

1989:  Drugstore Cowboy, Born On The Fourth of July

1991:  Blood And Concrete, Point Break, The Rapture, Leather Jackets

1992:  Where the Day Takes You, Nervous Ticks, My New Gun, Guncrazy, Singles

1994:  Floundering, Bad Girls, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, Don’t Do It

1995:  Living In Oblivion, Safe, Panther, Destiny Turns On The Radio, The Low Life, Just Looking

1996:  The Destiny Of Marty Fine, Boys, Infinity, Countdown

1997:  The Myth of Fingerprints, Wishful Thinking

1998:  The Pass, Thursday, L.A. Without A Map, Life In The Fast Lane, Enemy of the State, Psycho

1999:  Jump, If You Only Knew

2000: Drop Back Ten

2001:  Scotland PA, Lovely & Amazing, World Traveler

2004:  November, Straight Into Darkness, Catch That Kid, Sexual Life

2005:  Trust The Man

2006:  The Last Winter

2007:  Zodiac

2008:  Vantage Point, Sherman’s Way, Visioneers, Winged Creatures

2009:  Welcome to Academia

2010:  Skateland, Bitter Feast

2012:  Big Miracle

2013:  Redwood Highway, Don’t Let Me Go, A Birder’s Guide to Everything, Night Moves

2014:  The Young Kieslowski, Big Muddy

2015:  Point Break

2016:  Certain Women, The People Garden, Stray Bullets

2017:  Dating My Mother

2018:  Nostalgia, Support the Girls, Wildling, Waterlily Jaguar

2019:  Buck Run, Phoenix Oregon

2020:  Emperor, Foxhole


Screen Actors Guild Award Nomination:  Outstanding TV Comedy Cast, Ally McBeal (2000)