James Gleason

Born:  May 23, 1882, New York City, New York

Died:  April 12, 1959, Woodland Hills, California


1922:  Polly of the Follies

1928:  The Count of Ten

1929:  The Broadway Melody, Oh Yeah, The Shannons of Broadway

1930:  Puttin’ On The Ritz, The Swellhead, Dumbbells In Ermine, The Matrimonial Bed, Her Man, Big Money

1931:  Beyond Victory, It’s A Wise Child, A Free Soul, Sweepstakes, The Big Gamble, Suicide Fleet

1932:  Fast Companions, Lady and Gent, Blondie of the Follies, The Crooked Circle, The All-American, The Penguin Pool Murder, The Devil Is Driving

1933:  The Billion Dollar Scandal, Clear All Wires, Hoopla

1934:  The Meanest Gal In Town, Search For Beauty, Orders Is Orders, Change of Heart, Murder on the Blackboard

1935:  Helldorado, Murder On A Honeymoon, West Point of the Air, Hot Tip, We’re Only Human

1936:  Murder On A Bridle Path, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford, Yours For The Asking, Don’t Turm ‘Em Loose, The Big Game, The Plot Thickens

1937:  Forty Naughty Girls, Manhattan Merry Go Round

1938:  The Higgins Family, Army Girl

1939:  My Wife’s Relatives, Should Husbands Work, On Your Toes, The Covered Trailer, Money To Burn

1940:  Grandpa Goes To Town, Earl of Puddlestone

1941:  Meet John Doe, Affectionately Yours, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Tanks A Million, Nine Lives Are Not Enough, Babes on Broadway

1942:  Hay Foot, A Date With The Falcon, My Gal Sal, The Falcon Takes Over, Footlight Serenade, Tales of Manhattan, Manila Calling

1943:  Crash Dive, A Guy Named Joe

1944:  Once Upon a Time, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Keys of the Kingdom

1945:  This Man’s Navy, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, The Clock, Captain Eddie

1946:  The Hoodlum Saint, The Well-Groomed Bride, Home Sweet Homicide, Lady Luck

1947:  The Homestretch, Down To Earth, The Bishop’s Wife, Tycoon

1948:  Smart Woman, The Dude Goes West, The Return of October, When My Baby Smiles At Me

1949:  Bad Boy, The Life of Riley, Take One False Step, Miss Grant Takes Richmond

1950:  Key To The City, The Yellow Cab Man, Riding High, The Jackpot, Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle

1951:  Two Gals and a Guy, Joe Palooka in Triple Cross, Come Fill The Cup, I’ll See You In My Dreams

1952:  We’re Not Married, The Story of Will Rogers, What Price Glory

1953:  Forever Female

1954:  Hollywood Thrill Makers, Suddenly

1955:  The Night of the Hunter, The Girl Rush

1956:  Star In The Dust

1957:  Spring Reunion, Loving You, Man In The Shadow

1958:  The Female Animal, Man or Gun, Rock A Bye Baby, Once Upon A Horse, The Last Hurrah, Money Women and Guns


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor, Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)