James Gandolfini

Born:  September 18, 1961, Westwood, New Jersey

Died:  June 19, 2013, Rome, Italy


1987:  Shock! Shock! Shock!

1991:  The Last Boy Scout

1992:  A Stranger Among Us

1993:  Money For Nothing, True Romance, Mr. Wonderful

1994:  Angie, Terminal Velocity

1995:  Le Nouveau Monde, Crimson Tide, Italian Movie, Get Shorty

1996:  The Juror, Night Falls On Manhattan

1997:  She’s So Lovely, Dance With The Devil, Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil

1998:  Fallen, The Mighty, A Civil Action

1999:  8 MM

2001:  The Mexican, The Man Who Wasn’t There, The Last Castle

2004:  Surviving Christmas

2005:  Romance & Cigarettes

2006:  Lonely Hearts, All The King’s Men

2007:  Stories USA

2009:  In The Loop, The Taking Of Pelham 123, Where the Wild Things Are

2010:  Welcome to The Rileys, Mint Julep

2011:  Down The Shore, Violet & Daisy

2012:  Killing Them Softly, Not Fade Away, Zero Dark Thirty

2013:  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Enough Said

2014:  The Drop


Golden Globe Award:  Best Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (1999)
Nominations:  Best Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (2000); The Sopranos (2001); The Sopranos (2002)

Screen Actors Guild Awards:  Outstanding TV Drama Cast, The Sopranos (1999); Best Male Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (1999); The Sopranos (2002)
Nominations:  Outstanding Motion Picture Cast, Get Shorty (1995); Outstanding TV Drama Cast, The Sopranos (2000); Best Male Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (2000); Outstanding TV Drama Cast, The Sopranos (2001); Best Male Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (2001); Outstanding TV Drama Cast, The Sopranos (2002); Outstanding TV Drama Cast, The Sopranos (2004); Best Male Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (2004); Outstanding TV Drama Cast, The Sopranos (2006); Best Male Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (2006); Outstanding TV Drama Cast, The Sopranos (2007); Best Male Actor-TV Drama, The Sopranos (2007); Best Supporting Male, Enough Said (2013)


Photo by Diariocritico de Venezuela