James Dunn

Born:  November 2, 1901, New York City, New York

Died:  September 1, 1967, Santa Monica, California


1931:  Bad Girl, Sob Sister, Over the Hill

1932:  Dance Team, Society Girl, Handle With Care

1933:  Sailor’sLuck, Hello Sister, The Girl In 419, Hold Me Tight, Arizona To Broadway, Jimmy and Sally, Take A Chance

1934:  Hold That Girl, Stand Up And Cheer, Change of Heart, Baby Take A Bow, Have A Heart, 365 Nights in Hollywood, Bright Eyes

1935:  George White’s 1935 Scandals, The Daring Young Man, Welcome Home, The Payoff, Bad Boy

1936:  Don’t Get Personal, Hearts in Bondage, Two-Fisted Gentleman, Come Closer Folks, Mysterious Crossing

1937:  We Have Our Moments, Venus Makes Trouble, Living On Love

1938:  Shadows Over Shanghai

1939:  Pride Of the Navy, Mercy Plane

1940:  Son of the Navy, Hold That Woman!

1942:  The Living Ghost

1943:  The Ghost and the Guest, Government Girl

1944:  Leave It To The Irish

1945:  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, The Caribbean Mystery

1946:  That Brennan Girl

1947:  Killer McCoy

1948:  Texas Brooklyn and Heaven

1950:  The Golden Gloves Story

1960:  The Bramble Bush

1962:  Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man

1966:  The Oscar


Academy Award:  Best Supporting Actor, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (1945)